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The above book demo link is a link to my video chat program, that my current book is about.You can buy the book with complete source code and server setup on Amazon.com as a kindle book. Kindle Book Link The paper back is now available on Amazon.Paper Back A donation receipt for any amount or a book receipt grants you the right to use my video chat application for your own or commercial purposes. I've left the video chat liscensing agreement loosely bound. I just require a a donation or book reciept this will grant you the right to modify and redistribute the source. The only restriction is the receipt must be in your name. Please direct questions at bberry@calmchess.com

  We currently offer web development in the following program languges.; html5(or should I say html), javascript, css3, actionscript 3.0, php, flash media server, red 5 media server, and wowza media server.

  We specialize in RIA 1 with emphasis on video chat applications, however we can use most program API2 which your application may require, we are just most comfortable with above mentioned program languages

infoicontechnoligies of India and I have parterned in a joint effort to promote our companies infoicontechnologies